7 Ways to launch your startup by finding investors

You have set up your startup, you have a great idea and you are looking for investors to make your dream come true or you already had the means to bring it to life. You will need a big investment to take your startup to the next level and optimize your product, which means you are probably looking for angel investors. Easier said than done, because finding investors is a hard task which can take lots of time.

There are several options and possibilities when it comes to finding investors, so here is a list of possibilities.

Accelerator Programs

Applying for an accelerator program is a good option. If you get accepted, it will give great visibility and it will be a fantastic opportunity to expand your network, meet influential people in many industries and investors. Some great options out there are Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Techstars.

Online Fundraising Platforms

If you are looking for investors, you might want to sign up for online fundraising platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. However, if you are looking for equity crowdfunding platforms you should look into AngelList, Seedinvest, StartEngine, CircleUp, and Wefunder. Online fundraising platforms are a good way to get out more visibility.


Networking is at the core of each successful starting business and events are naturally the best way to expand your network and within those new acquaintances, there could be a chance of meeting potential investors.

Social Media

Social Media presence is an essential tool nowadays for any business. It can also help in your relationship with interested investors and to find new ones. This can be achieved by using socials to post updates about your startup, to directly interact and reach out to potential investors. Through social media, you can also give cold messaging a shot, just make sure you are sending a personal and good message to try and capture their attention. More specifically, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for cold messaging or looking for introductions from people you are already connected with. Facebook, can be used to groom relationship with investors you have already met more than once, in order to generate trust. Twitter can be useful to share ideas, show what your startup stands for, your thoughts and values, which could be shared by a potential investor.


Blogging is a great way to get visibility and to interact with investors. You can try and write your own articles on a personal blog, on Medium or LinkedIn. By telling your story, you might be able to attract investors who might want to invest in you. Another good option is that of proactively engaging by going to blogs of investors you are interested in. You can try and engage conversation by commenting on a post, since often the author will read and respond to the comments.

Search Your Networks

It’s difficult to capture the attention of investors. Often they favor startups introduced to them by a common contact, a reference which can guarantee them that your startup is interesting. Of course, you won’t be able to always get an introduction to the investors you are interested in meeting. Do reach out to them with a cold email showing interest in their past ventures and why you are reaching out to them.

Put Your Product on The Market

It may sound obvious, but putting your product on the market and getting some sales it will be extremely helpful. You will not only gain visibility and have numbers to show your investors, by being able to show you acquired real customers. However, you will also feel way less pressure to find investors and when you will have less pressure you will have the power to accept better terms and find better investors.