Born and raised in the area of Montebelluna, Italy, In a loving international family. My family is composed by: my lovely Dutch mother, who taught me everything I know about baking and all my core values, such as honesty, commitment, entering the world with confidence and always being yourself; my Italian-Canadian father, who has always supported our whole family and taught us the value of hard work; my almost twin brother, with whom I have shared many adventures, lots of them being fictional fruits of our imagination.

I’m a formal semi-professional runner and during my running career I won six Italian national youth titles and took part in seven international competitions with the Italian national team. This definitely wouldn’t have happened without the support of my parents, who dedicated those years to help me achieve my dreams. I was known as an eclectic runner and was successful in different endurance running specialties: cross country, track, road and mountain running.

During my last year of high school I was recruited by some NCAA coaches and got a full-ride scholarship to attend university in the United States and compete at NCAA division I level.

I studied English literature with a concentration in Journalism at the University of New Orleans and placed in the top five of several meets during my Junior year.

My athletic adventure had to end due to an injury and after that a new journey started: that of having to discover my new purpose in life. I have always been passionate about writing and with my background in journalism, it was not too difficult to figure out I wanted to do something writing related, but how? What was I going to write about? The answer to this question took its time to come, but it did thanks to a new business venture of my super supportive life partner.

I was thinking about setting up a blog for a while, but the perfect opportunity presented itself when my boyfriend’s startup, for which I had recently started working as a content writer, got selected for Techstars Berlin. When his business partner heard about this he right away had to think back to the Christmas cookies I had gifted him and thought about the name: cookies and startups!

Merging my inherited passion for baking and the startup world, which is now an intrinsic part of my life, the blog was born; and what better way to start than by following the journey of companies attending Techstars Berlin? From this website, you can expect useful tips about the startup world and related programs, interesting interviews with different people in the startup world, all while enjoying cookies!