Hospitality 2018 Metro Accelerator Demo Day

As one program ends and the other one begins, the hospitality Metro Accelerator and Techstars Berlin were joined together during the Hospitality Demo Day on Tuesday the 19th in the late afternoon. The program started a little bit after 4pm, but at 3pm everyone got a chance to settle in and network. The venue, Berlin’s Zoo Palast was majestic and representative of the magnitude of the event. Popcorn and drinks were available for everyone to enjoy before and while watching the show.

The presentations took place in a beautiful room that looked onto a stage with thick heavy red curtains and were preceded by three speeches, the first by Martin Olczyk, managing director of the hospitality accelerator program, in which he welcomed all the attendees and gave an introduction to the program; he then introduced two special guests: Olaf Koch, CEO of Metro and David Brown, CEO and co-founder of Techstars. Both of them gave funny and concise speeches in which they set the mood for the night.

There were ten companies who took part in the program: Hotelhero, Easyway, Waffle, Roborus, Barratio, Sentiment Search, Heymojo, Gofer, Trakbar and Fresco.

The presentations were witty, straight to the point and well executed. Amongst the standout presentations was the one of Waffle, a messaging bot which allows you to get good deals at restaurants in your area without the need to create an account which would result in getting unsolicited spam email in order to redeem a single discount. The UK based company also stresses on how their product is advantageous both to the consumer and to the restaurateurs since it’s an easy way to get more people to find out about their restaurant. For now, their app is only available in Brighton, so we will have to wait a little longer to be able to use it ourselves.

Another presentation that made a long lasting impression was the one of Fresco, an Italian company. Their concept is to bring fresh food into people’s houses and restaurants, which is however easy and quick to prepare. Their product consists of a small appliance called EVA and it’s mainly developed for the production of fresh oil all year round. It works with dehydrated pulps which can be introduced in the machine and come out in liquid form. Their goal is to in the future be able to make several different kind of meals with it. #Nokitchen.

We will be keeping an eye out for all these startups and all they will accomplish after the program. A little less than three months from now it will be the turn of the startups taking part in the Techstars Berlin accelerator program.