Week Ten&Eleven

During week 10, some of us decided to go back home to recharge our batteries before the final stretch of this Techstars experience. Due to the fact for our team it meant going back to the Netherlands, we took the chance to extend an open invitation for anyone from Techstars Berlin to join us for this year’s King’s day celebrations. We were joined by Andrew, the CEO of GoSave, Alex, the developer of Missfits and the awesome Samir Mirza. It was great to show them what King’s day is all about, where we are from and introduce them to the simple, but tasty, Dutch cuisine. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side, even on King’s day itself we got a few rain showers and a stormy wind, so they got the true Dutch experience also weather wise. Nonetheless, we spent the day walking through the streets of Amsterdam and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

king's day crew

After catching up with our friends and family we headed back for half of week 11 (which was divided in two, because of the bank holiday on May 1st) and for the event of the trimester: the last family night !!! It happened to be the biggest one yet, because there weren’t enough family nights planned in to allow everyone to organize one individually. This last family night was therefore organized by 5 of the startups (so half of the comradery): Eversend, GoSave, MEDIjobs, Missfits and ZoiMeet. For this final, really extra family night our startups organized a three-hour boat ride with drinks, food and (for the lovers of embarrassing moments) karaoke! Despite the weather not being the best for a boat ride, it was a memorable end-of-family-nights celebration.

party boat

Meantime pitch practice session continued for our CEOs and the official scripts for the Demo Day pitches are completed. The order of the day, and the main one for the whole end of the program, is going to be rehearsing the pitch!