These are the 10 Startups of Techstars Berlin

Once again, it is that time of the year. The first sunny spring-like days are starting to make an appearance, even the first little flowers can be spotted during a weekend stroll and Techstars Berlin is opening its doors to ten new startups, on Monday February the 18th. These year’s class is working on everything, from bras, to a translation and transcription software, to digital piggy banks and apps to improve life in the workplace.

Here is a quick run-down of the startups of Techstars Berlin 2019:


This French startup, introduces a note taking and file storage software with a number of useful features, like in a document editor, but it is also collaborative and allows therefore to share the document with team members, but it does that one a private network, so only members of the team can access the data. The software is free for unlimited number of documents and files.


Located in Israel this company is dedicated to helping companies with organizing in a cost efficient and timely way issues concerning harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace. The Israeli startup developed a software that can help HR offices to track past records and trends concerning those issues and also prevent future offenses, by combining people analytics technology, reporting solutions, and consulting methodologies. With Cassiopeia companies will be able to reduce the number of legal fees and lost productivity these situations bring.


This company is representing the hosting city of Berlin, Germany, and presents a solution to the banking issue in the African continent: a blockchain based mobile-only banking alternative with access to cryptocurrency. Users will have access to money transfer services, currency exchange, travel insurance and virtual debit cards.


This Australian company is introducing an innovative product which they claim will help teaching the children of the future cashless society: a digital piggy bank with an interactive display where the children will be able to see the chores that need to be done, how much they can earn for doing them and the total money they have saved.


The Danish Hiveonline is a platform on the blockchain that gives an opportunity to small business enterprises to be seen and selected for jobs. Customers get presented with a list of small businesses and information regarding offered services, previous jobs and trust score. It allows and cryptocurrency payments.


A company from Romania, which developed an online platform focus on recruitment in healthcare related jobs. Healthcare specialists are able to connect to potential employers, who will be able to send them job offers or request to meet for an interview.


This startup from Italy managed to offer a solution to the problem some women have when looking for the right fit of a piece of clothing most women wear every day: the bra. Missfits will recommend the perfect bra model, after gathering some information submitted by the user and will combine it with data about the bra’s technical specifications and bra fit expertise.


Nifty learning is a Romanian company which developed a software that can be used by companies when training new employees. The automatized training tool will be way less error prone and time consuming compared to when large companies utilize many different training tools. The trainee also gets to have a clear overview of their workload and make data-driven decisions with the help of the reporting module, keep in touch with and get confirmation from all training stakeholders and report on relevant training metrics.


The UK based startup focuses on the growing issues concerning mental health and wants to fill the need for affordable and easy to use tools for people experiencing mental health issues. Their solution comes in the form of a game which has the goal of improving the players overall happiness and put the player into a positive state of mind.


Zoi Meet is the youngest start-up of the ten, being founded only in October of 2018. Based in the Netherlands, Zoi Meet is an AI-powered Business Assistant that can live subtitle, and translate, your multi-language meetings while taking searchable transcripts and notes in text and audio form. It is presented as a cost efficient and reliable alternative to hiring translators and also allows maintaining the flow of the conversation.