What is Techstars Berlin?

Berlin, a cosmopolitan city filled with museums, great beer, cultural landmarks, an unimaginable history that attracts millions of visitors each year. However, this city is not just a tourist attraction. In fact, Berlin is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world. It’s no surprise that each year passionate founders from all over Europe pack up their bags and relocate their company to Berlin. A city filled with top talented professionals who find themselves in a supportive community of innovators and opportunistic investors.

However, some of these relocated startup teams are just temporary citizens of this growing startup capital in Germany. They are part of the few selected companies to join the Techstars seed accelerator program in Berlin. A three month program that is divided into three phases during which startups are guided, given advice and connected, leading up to a final presentation at Demo Day.

From hundreds of startups applying for this renowned program, less than 1% gets accepted to be part of it.

Startups that apply for Techstars are judged on their viability by the Managing Director of the Program they applied to. The MD is supported by various members of the Techstars Network as a screening committee. For every quarter, 10 startups are selected and accepted into the program in exchange 6% of equity for which they will receive $20.000. An additional (optional) $100.000 convertible note, and access to the Techstars Network for life is offered as well.

Mentor Madness is one of the phases during which startups encounter daily face-to-face meetings with over a hundred professional mentors.

This year, Techstars Berlin Q1 is led by Managing Director: Jag Singh. Jag is one of Europe’s most active angel investors, founded several companies and spent over a decade as a political strategist. Jag is supported by Sebastian Campos Groth, the Techstars Program Manager who has a strong background in business, consulting and startups. Along with over 150 mentors from all over the world, they will support the select startups of Q1 2019.

This year, the 10 selected Startups of class 167, will participate in the accelerator program from the 18th of February 2019 till Demo Day on May 16, 2019.