So, your accelerator program has ended. What do you need to do now?

After a few intense months of hard work, meetings, sweat, mentors, pitches, more pitches and, finally, Demo Day, your accelerator program adventure has come to an end: congratulations! You are now an alumnus. That means it’s time to go back home and back to your routine… Or is it? You might, in fact, be a little lost after ending the program and not 100% sure on how to approach your post accelerator reality. The point is, you do not want to risk falling back into your old routine. You need to make sure you implement everything you learned during the program.

These are a few simple suggestions on what to do after your accelerator program ends:

Network to build your team

At the end of your accelerator, you are most likely in the process of closing your investment round or have already closed it. This would be the perfect moment to expand your team, you can’t do it all by yourself! Go to networking events to find the perfect candidates, be on an active search for new talent. The people you choose to be on your team right now are fundamental, because they will end up becoming your managers in the future, as your team continues to grow.

Go to startup contests

Startup contests are a great way to earn some extra funds, if you win. However, even if don’t, being there can still help you gain some extra contacts and attention. Even just by participating, these are great networking opportunities and definitely something you should be looking into after ending your accelerator program.

Keep the momentum going

Keep you accelerator state of mind and the Silicon Valley “sense of emergency”. Schedule weekly reporting meetings with your team to make sure everyone, you included, stay on top of everything that needs to be done. Define or redefine your internal team culture. Be on time. Try to keep meetings shorter than 30 minutes. If it’s not the case already, make English your internal language, if you are planning on being an international company.

The main point is, don’t think that the ending of your accelerator means the end of the craziness: the craziness continues and it’s all up to you now. However, now you get to do that from the comfort of your home and your own office space.

Keep in touch with the people you met

The need to network never ends, but it’s just as important to hold on to the connections you have already made through your accelerator. Keep in touch with mentors, peers and anyone who could at some point be helpful to you. This way it won’t be a problem for you to reach out whether it is for advice, direct help or an introduction.

The adventure continues

The end of an accelerator program means the beginning of a new life for your startup. So, in conclusion, take everything you learned and implement it with the positives you already had before. Take some time to regroup, reconnect with your family and friends, but do not lose your accelerator flow. Good luck, you got this!